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Beat the Bloat: How to Optimize Your Digestion

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Hello Friend!

I created this guide to help you find solutions to your tummy troubles if you’re regularly experiencing digestive discomfort.

I have a diploma in Holistic Nutrition with a specialization in Sports Fitness Nutrition; I'm also someone who's struggled with bloating & digestive issues for most of my life.

In this guide I share the knowledge I've gained through EDUCATION, as well as my own personal EXPERIENCES.

Delivered in two PDF files: one easy-to-navigate 90-page document + one 5-page worksheet booklet, which cover the following:

  • What poor digestion can look like
  • Major & minor causes of digestive issues
  • The benefits of eating slowly and chewing your food
  • Symptoms of low stomach acid and what really causes heartburn
  • Why you need to limit fluids during meals
  • What your poop should look like. Why you need to poop daily (and tips on how to make sure you do)
  • What your pee should look like. How much water should you really drink?
  • Supplements: to help you poop, to stop the poop, and to relieve bloating.
  • A tip from the Japanese on portion sizes
  • Why frequent snacking can cause bloating
  • How balancing your blood sugar can help you avoid "hanger"
  • Information on intermittent fasting and how it can help with your digestion
  • Different types of gut irritants, including an explanation of FODMAPs
  • How exercise can help your digestion
  • Why reducing stress is important for gut health

This guide can potentially save you hundreds of dollars on ineffective treatments, hours of wasted time and energy, and most important of all, it may provide you with the answers you’ve been looking for as to why you’re bloated all the time.

It’s really difficult to feel happy in your skin if your body feels uncomfortable; let's get you feeling GREAT so that you can fully ENJOY the experience of being alive!

Yours in gut-health,

Jasmin Wolf

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Beat the Bloat: How to Optimize Your Digestion

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