I Quit Binge Eating: The Three Pillars Explained

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This 25-page guide goes into further details about the pillars of the I Quit Binge Eating (iQBE) website.

I spent most of my life dieting and bingeing and tried every half-reasonable (and unreasonable!) solution out there to get out of that destructive cycle.

What I discovered was that I needed to:

  • Support myself mentally
  • Support myself nutritionally
  • Support myself emotionally

And that's how I developed the three pillars of iQBE: 

  1. Stop Dieting
  2. Eat Whole Food (nutrient-dense) and Soul Food (cake and all the things)
  3. Feel your Feelings

This guide is the culmination of a lifetime of struggle; it’s the trifecta solution that I’ve found works for me, and which has allowed me after 30-years to FINALLY quit binge-eating.

This guide is based on my story. But it might also be your story because I know that the struggles I’ve gone through with food, weight, and body image aren’t unique to me. 

May this guide, and my website, help you find your peace and sanity around food,

Jasmin Wolf

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I Quit Binge Eating: The Three Pillars Explained

2 ratings
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